Tripsters are 10,000 psychedelic mushrooms and oads getting trippy on the Ethereum blockchain.


Tripsters are 10,000 psychedelic mushrooms and toads getting trippy on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

In this limited collection of trippy NFTs, 9000 Magic Mushrooms and 1000 Psychedelic Toads are randomly generated at mint, and will vary in rarity based on their unique attributes. Every Tripster is a dealer, but some are rarer than others.

Every Tripster you buy comes with a fre air-dropped baggie or vial. Give the goods to your existing, compatible NFT, and watch your NFT get stoned. Your trippy NFT is a new, unique, additional NFT you now own. Tripsters are stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Tripster costs 1 ETH and comes with a free baggie or vial, plus additional drops.

At 1000 Tripsters minted, we’re giving away an original Bored Ape, valued at $305k. Every Tripster you own gives you one automatic entry into our giveaway. Buy multiple Tripsters and increase your odds to win. No, you’re not tripping, we’re dead serious. 

We’re not done. At 3000 Tripsters minted, at 6000 minted, and at the final 10,000 milestone, we’ll hold another Ape giveaway. That’s FOUR FREE APES we’re giving away. And every Tripster you own gets you an automatic entry into the giveaway at each milestone.